As the evening celebrations drew to a close on Midsummer of the Year of the Serpent, a local goblin tribe took advantage of the lax security to launch a raid on the Vaasan Gate. Forty of their finest warriors sneaked over the temporary security fence, under the dam and through the half-built gate complex to steal what they could move and destroy what they could not. Unfortunately, the inhabitants were not quite as inebriated as they expected.

Eckhard Fried, a sorceror recently arrived from Ravensburg, was the first to encounter the raiders. Attending to a call of nature behind the beer tent as the bonfires began to die and the bard’s music moved from jig to ballad, he was disturbed by a noise from an unexpected direction. He took the opportunity to investigate, disturbing a goblin sneaking through the bushes. Immediately launching a spell at it – and missing – he drew his sword and prepared to fight. The goblin saw him and charged: the duel was joined.

Meanwhile, Astramundilorista’s fingers faltered on her instrument as she spotted flames leaping up the back of the beer tent in which she was playing. Calling the alarm, the gnomish bard, late of the Great Dale, spotting small figures sneaking through the flames, hit one with a sleep spell then resorted to darts, fired from her harp… Grodn, a nondescript member of the local dwarven community, roused his dog from the foot of the table and, spotting the intruders, immediately gave chase. Jedda, a newly-arrived Nar fighter found herself involved in a battle with one of the intruders: tying up her horse before swiftly dispatching her opponent with her spiked chain, she went to aid those nearby. Most of the individual fights were over quickly, although Eckhard found himself in a drawn out duel with his original foe until Grodn rescued him.

The four had a brief chance to rest before being distracted by four goblins attempting to use torches to set fire to Mother Adellard’s Boarding House, where Grodn and Astra were residing. They were being egged on by a chanting individual that Astra identified as a War Chanter, the goblin answer to a bard. The gnome prepared a countersong, but before she could begin, Jedda had charged the War Chanter. Set alight by the torch-wielding goblins, the warrior killed three of them before closing with her target and putting her out of the fight. The last goblin got Grodn’s pickaxe through the eye and the defenders attempted to put out the fires, both on the house and Jedda.

While attending to injuries, the group heard screams for help from behind the boarding house: rounding the corner, they found a young nobleman attempting to save his hunting hound from a burly goblin riding a large dog, again accompanied by a group of four cheering goblin warriors. The goblin rider killed the hound then turned on its owner, but Eckhard cast a cause fear on him: attempting to escape, he lost control of his mount and was killed by Jedda as the dog sprang at her. Grodn and Astra proceeded to pick off the other goblins with missile weapons. The final goblin fled, leaving their victim unconscious.

As the defenders stabilised the fallen noble, they became aware that the fighting was over. Torch-carrying horsemen from the fortress were beginning to harry the fleeing goblins, but soon lost them as they disappeared into the moorlands, while the local inhabitants concentrated on saving burning property and surveying the damage.


Astra did a Sleep spell on one of the goblins outside the burning tent as she quickly found her strength insufficient to defeat him in melee. After that she engaged them with darts (using her harp as an impromptu bow to give a bit of extra range) She never did manage to begin her countersong by the boarding house – by the time she had closed to effective range the barbarian (still burning after having been set alight by one of the goblins wielding a torch) was laying waste to the foe with sword and flame. She finally cast a Cure Light Wounds on Jedda who had managed to get thoroughly singed, after the battle was finished beside the boarding house, before we got into the rescue of the nobleman.


Thanks Joanna! I’m trying to keep descriptions from being too specific (boring!) but notable moments (the harp, Jedda’s burning issue) are essentials :) I’ve updated the log. Anyone else?

Astronut Astronut

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