Taking stock

From Eckhard Fried:

“First we finished off the mine adventure… After we were sure the purple worm had disappeared off into the depths, Astra and Eckhard explored a little way down the tunnel it had created. Leaving Jedda and Bob on guard at the point where the mine gallery intersected the worm tunnel, we walked along (in the opposite direction to the trail of purple ichor!) for about a mile, until the tunnel dived downwards and we thought better of continuing. Nothing of note was discovered.

“To secure the mine, as was our mission directive, we used the remaining vials of alchemist’s thunder to collapse the end of the lower mining gallery. We then boarded up the entrance of the mine, using what wood we could find laying around (including many of the struts that had held up the roof – which had been dislodged by the worm), and made our exit.

“Returning via the village of Virdin we stopped off to see where Grodn had had the corpses of Karl and the miners buried – in a walled graveyard at the edge of the settlement. Everything was in order there so we returned to the Vaasan Gate. We noticed that repairs had commenced on Mother Adelard’s boarding house after the fire, and a stone-mason had been employed.

“We sought out our employer, Andreas von Karevich, and located him in the tavern. We reported our success to him, and gave him the possessions of his servant Karl (but kept aside the letter to ourselves – Astra and Eckhard having quite an interest in discovering this “laboratory” for ourselves, without Andreas knowing about it). He generously gave us back the silver and gems that we had found in the mine (Joanna calculated how much we got each).

“As our conversation came to an end, a rather ragged and rough looking character with a sword entered the tavern and sat down with Andreas, scowling at us. We took this as our cue to leave, as they clearly had some business to discuss.”


Astronut Astronut

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