Vaasan Ventures: Caravan to Darmshall 2

The orcish ambush of the caravan continued for several more rounds, with more and more of them engaging the party on the cliffs, while archers and crossbowmen tried to fight back from the ravine. Jedda spent most of the fight trying to climb the near-vertical cliff, while the Ranger with No Name attempted to pick off exposed orcs. [[:Ger’noth]] charged around straight into the orcish leader and their duel took them away from the cliff and the fight. The other characters used a combination of spells and missile weapons to kill as many orcs as possible. Jedda finally reached the top of the cliff in time to drive off the remaining orcs on that side, as the survivors on the other side began to flee.

When the dust had cleared, about a third of the defenders were dead, with as many injured; the orcs had suffered three-quarters of their number in casualties. While the caravan staff picked up the pieces, Astra taking the opportunity to investigate the (definitely) deceased wizardess’s belongings, acquiring her wand and making the mistake of opening her spellbook. Becoming enveloped in the brown-tinted field of a sepia snake sigil, her paralysed body was loaded onto a wagon to be conveyed to Darmshall.

The caravan made good progress on to its destination, with no encounters, although there was puzzlement as to where the Gur party had disappeared to. Upon arrival, Eckhard Fried took Astra’s frozen body to the local temple to see if the curse could be lifted. The resident priest was able to do so, but Eckhard was unable to ‘donate’ the fee: he resolved to stay and work it out as service to the temple.

In this game, Jedda and Merigon were played by guests, as was the newly-introduced Ranger with No Name. This was Eckhard’s final appearance in the game. Ger’noth’s player was not available.


Astronut Astronut

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