Vaasan Ventures: Prologue

beyond the Vaasan Gate, the saga of our heroes continues

From Astramundilorista:

After the mine adventure, Astra and Eckhard were keen to find this abandoned laboratory in the foothills of the Galenas. However they were uncertain where the laboratory actually was, and the foothills of the Galenas extend for some distance either side of the western exit from the Bloodstone Pass.

Worse still, Jedda had gone wandering, as nomads do when the fancy takes them. This left the party seriously vulnerable, as she was the only experienced fighter.

The party looked for jobs, especially those that could take them through the Pass in relative safety. Two jobs looked appealing, one was escorting a caravan through the Vaasan Gate to Darmshall in the south-eastern foothills of the Galenas – this would offer the party some protection. Once that job was done, a second job awaited – to explore a ruined city not far from the north-western foothills of the Galenas and report back. Both jobs offered the chance to look out for the tower in which this abandoned laboratory resided.

And hopefully they could find some new companions with whom to adventure. Time would tell…


I have represented the destination of the party with a ? as I cannot remember the name

Vaasan Ventures: Prologue
Astronut Astronut

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