Astramundilorista is a 3'1" gnomish female bard, just starting on her Adventure Path in the Bloodstone Hills


Class: Bard Level: 1 Race: Rock Gnome Size: S (3’ 1”) Weight: 50lb Hair: Black Eyes: Green

STR 7 -2
DEX 16 +3
CON 15 +2
INT 15 +2
WIS 13 +1
CHA 18 +4

HP: 14 AC: 16 / 14 (TCH) / 12 (FF)

FORT: +2 REF: +5 WILL: +3

BAB: 0 SR: 0 CMB: -1 RANGED: +2

Craft Musical Instruments +8
Craft Gem +6
Profession: Gemcutter +1
Perform Wind Instrument +8
Perform String Instrument +8
Perform Poetry +4
Knowledge—Arcana +8
Knowledge—All others +3
Linguistics +1
Perception +1
Sense Motive +2
Sleight-of-Hand +7
Spellcraft +6
Stealth +11
Use Magic Device +10

Languages: Common, Damarian, Gnome, Draconic, Elven


Astramundilorista (OK, Astra to maaikergir┬╣ ) hails from the southern reaches of Damar and is seeking fame and fortune in the Bloodstone Mountains. Gnomes are famous as bards, which means one has to be exceptionally good to get ahead in more populous areas due to the quality (and numbers) of competitors!

Astra was born to a fairly well-to-do family. She learnt gem-cutting in the family business and became quite good at it. However she never really settled into running a gemcutter’s shop (although she knows her way around one!) as she was constantly distracted by playing with magic and with music. Somehow magic comes more easily to her (most gnomes, being fey have some magical abilities, but Astra has an abundance), just like it did for her maternal grandmother.

Now that the northern frontier is slightly more pacified, and bloodstones are being mined again (think Yukon gold rush) Astra has decided she’d make better money up North by the border and with luck have some stories to tell. Now that she has achieved her majority (she’s just into adulthood at 42) she has left the running of the gem business to her father and older brothers and gone out to seek her fortune.

┬╣Lit. “little-nose” i.e. non-gnomes, who find it hard to understand long words and have little patience for the simplest of gnomish explanations.


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