Vaasan Ventures: the journey North

Despite Eckhard’s sudden unavailability, Astra was determined to carry on with her original plan and recruited a small number of people to help her, including Jedda, Merigon and the Ranger with no name. Buying supplies, she said goodbye to Eckhard and the party set out back along the path to Bloodstone Pass, intending to cross the river at the Ford of the Cross and head north to Palishchuck.

Vaasan Ventures: Caravan to Darmshall 2

The orcish ambush of the caravan continued for several more rounds, with more and more of them engaging the party on the cliffs, while archers and crossbowmen tried to fight back from the ravine. Jedda spent most of the fight trying to climb the near-vertical cliff, while the Ranger with No Name attempted to pick off exposed orcs. [[:Ger’noth]] charged around straight into the orcish leader and their duel took them away from the cliff and the fight. The other characters used a combination of spells and missile weapons to kill as many orcs as possible. Jedda finally reached the top of the cliff in time to drive off the remaining orcs on that side, as the survivors on the other side began to flee.

Vaasan Ventures: Caravan to Darmshall 1

Astra, Jedda and Eckhard hired on as guards for a caravan of ten wagons heading towards Darmshall for a fee of 5 marks each. The two adventurers that understood money busied themselves shopping for the journey before the caravan left early on the 15th of Eleasias, intending to take 4 days to cross the hills of the Sunderland. The caravan master, [[?]] turned out to be a bluff but canny individual working for the Three Stars trading coster out of Impiltur; the other guards were a mixture of adventurers and mercenaries, including [[?]] the wizardess, the half-orc warrior Ger’noth and Merrigon, a dwarven cleric of Clangeddin.

Vaasan Ventures: Prologue
beyond the Vaasan Gate, the saga of our heroes continues

From Astramundilorista:

After the mine adventure, Astra and Eckhard were keen to find this abandoned laboratory in the foothills of the Galenas. However they were uncertain where the laboratory actually was, and the foothills of the Galenas extend for some distance either side of the western exit from the Bloodstone Pass.

Taking stock

From Eckhard Fried:

“First we finished off the mine adventure… After we were sure the purple worm had disappeared off into the depths, Astra and Eckhard explored a little way down the tunnel it had created. Leaving Jedda and Bob on guard at the point where the mine gallery intersected the worm tunnel, we walked along (in the opposite direction to the trail of purple ichor!) for about a mile, until the tunnel dived downwards and we thought better of continuing. Nothing of note was discovered.

The mine : part 2

Following Astra’s defeat of the orc leader, the party examined the corpses, recovering small amounts of treasure and weapons. In the gallery beyond the chamber where the final duel took place, they discovered a live prisoner, the Damaran fighter, Bob. He was unconscious but woke up quickly, glad to be freed. Recovering his weapons and armour from the orc leader, he joined the group.

The mine : part 1

Two days after the raid, the newly-formed party indulged in some shopping, buying weapons and supplies. Sales were nearly derailed when Grodn noticed that the Vaasan Gate’s armourer, Gunnar Halmarsson, was a grey dwarf, but then they realised that this was widely known and accepted.

Interlude: a job offer

Adapted from email:

Following the departure of the surviving goblins into the darkness, the residents of the Vaasan Gate begin to pick up the pieces under the pall of smoke. It turns out that casualties have been light: two of the workers from the fortress have been killed and another dozen injured, there were another two injuries in the “town”. More than twenty goblin bodies are burning on a pyre by morning. Several tents have been incinerated and the north wall of Mother Adellard’s boarding house was badly damaged: it’s being patched up with canvas until it can be fixed properly.


As the evening celebrations drew to a close on Midsummer of the Year of the Serpent, a local goblin tribe took advantage of the lax security to launch a raid on the Vaasan Gate. Forty of their finest warriors sneaked over the temporary security fence, under the dam and through the half-built gate complex to steal what they could move and destroy what they could not. Unfortunately, the inhabitants were not quite as inebriated as they expected.

The story so far
Recent history

For centuries, the story of the Bloodstone Lands was simply that of Damara. The cold wastes of Vaasa and the squalid lives of the hunters, trappers, farmers and miners inhabiting them attracted little attention from those outside the mountainous barricades of the region. Damara was different: tracing its noble lines back three centuries to the founding of Heliogabalus by Feldrin Bloodfeathers, its unbroken line of Kings ended only with the death of Virdin. Until the most recent generation, the Kingdom was a force on par with Impiltur, deriving much of its wealth from the bloodstone, iron and silver extracted from the mountains.


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