“If it’s good anywhere else, it’s good in Damara!” This popular saying spread among Damaran vendors since the currency of bloodstone bars collapsed. Damaran merchants are true traders, and they will deal in almost any country’s currency. They will usually accept even the old chalcedony bars, for many Damaran merchants foresee the return of the bloodstone bar currency with the restoration of the kingdom.

Prior to the invasion, the principle coinage of Damara was similar to that used elsewhere in the Realms:

1 bloodstone bar 25 marks 25 gp
1 gold mark (gp) 10 shillings 1 gp
1 silver shilling (sp) 10 pennies 0.1 gp
1 copper penny (cp) 0.01 gp

Vaasan attitudes towards currency are similar to those found farther south, but bartered supplies are more welcome than coins. Similarly, the people of Narfell prefer barter to coins, but it is known that the Nars have a weakness for gems and jewels: a crafty jeweller may get twice the worth of his goods in trade for Narfellian stallions.

Impiltur mints its own money in the city of Hlammach, the coins bearing the crossed sword and wand on one side and “Imphras” etched along the border. Like everyone else, the merchants of Impiltur will deal in any currency, but the government levies a 3% tax on all purchases made with outside coinage.


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