More than five thousand dwarves inhabit Vaasa and Damara, living primarily in that stretch of the Galenas noted for rich lodes of bloodstone.  The dwarves claim to have been the first settlers in the Bloodstone Lands, a claim that is generally accepted by the other races.  They gracefully acknowledge that some folk had arrived before them: specifically, the barbarian tribe that followed the receding ice of the Great Glacier and the monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose.

A number of the bearded folk earn a fine living as craftsmen in the cities of Damara, primarily in Heliogabalus and Trailsend, the armour produced by even the least-skilled dwarves bringing a high price in a land so wrought with danger.  Most dwarves, however, are miners – wealthy miners.  The largest clan, called Hillsafar, operates in the Sunderland, on the Vaasan side of the Galenas.  Numbering two thousand, these shield dwarves take mounds of bloodstone and copper from their mines, bringing most through Bloodstone Pass to Damara.  They also move a fair amount through the Earthspurs to points west.  Their leader, Garumbelly Hillsafar, better known as “Grumble”, is probably the most powerful individual in all of Vaasa at the present.

The region’s only other powerful clan is Orothiar of Bloodstone.  Led by Tokan, this clan has perfected the art of taking and shaping the chalcedony bars produced in the Bloodstone Mines.  Many members fled when the duergar occupied their workings, but now that the mines have been reopened, they are returning, bringing the population back to a healthy and prosperous eight hundred.

Smaller, lesser-known clans operate the great forges of Ironspur, a rugged city in Soravia, and work in the Earthspurs west of the Arcatan town of Tomrav.

Evil duergar are known to tunnel beneath the Galenas: uncounted but certainly numerous, these grey dwarves remain a constant threat to those who work the rich Bloodstone Mines.


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