The dominant culture in the Bloodstone Lands is that of mankind, with humans comprising more than 90% of the goodly folk of the region.  Damara’s wealth attracted fortune-seekers and rogues from every corner of the Forgotten Realms and the nation has long been a melting pot.  Over the years, people from different backgrounds have brought pieces of their own cultures, even as they were assimilated into the general milieu.

The largest group of humans are of the Damaran ethnicity.  Forming the majority of the populations of Damara and Impiltur, they are a stubborn folk who refuse to bow to adversity or tyranny.  They are highly religious and have strong moral beliefs.  Damarans are of average height and build, with a variety of complexions and hair of brown or black; their eyes vary widely.

While a large portion of the population of Vaasa is made up of immigrants from Damara, others came from the west, across the Earthspurs. Dark of hair, with pale to olive complexions, these are the native Vaasans themselves, a small but tough people related to the inhabitants of the Moonsea region. Vaasans are noted for their self-sufficiency and their tendency to place their own and their family’s interests over those of strangers.

The tribes of Narfell trace their descent from the ancient Empire of Narfell and are notorious for their hatred of magic.  Short and stocky, their tanned skins are much darker than the average Damaran’s; their hair is almost always raven-black and straight to the shoulders.

The last group of men in the Bloodstone Lands were probably the first humans in the region: the barbarian Ice People of the Great Glacier.  These people, whose language is almost incomprehensible to foreigners, are short and dark, with high cheekbones reminiscent of the peoples of fabled Kara-Tur.  Like other barbarian tribes, the Ice People have an almost mystical symbiosis with nature.  Their totem beast, the white worm, honours a monster that presents a real and ever-present danger to their existence.


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