Damara needs heroes!

The once proud Kingdom of Damara is a land in ruins. Over a decade ago, the orc and goblin armies of Zhengyi, the Witch-King of Vaasa, poured through Bloodstone Pass, occupying and pillaging the country for more than a decade. Two years ago, a handful of local heroes led a grass-roots rebellion, defeating the Witch-King and his allies, then finally pursuing his demonic sponsor, Orcus, back to the Abyss and killing it.

Since that time, their leader, Gareth Dragonsbane, the new Baron Bloodstone, has begun the long task of rebuilding. Intent on turning Bloodstone Pass into a beachhead for colonising Vaasa, he has put out the call for adventurers and mercenaries to help clear out the monstrous populations of the region.


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